Saturday, July 7, 2007

Course Schedule

The Pauline Theology course for Fuller Texas (Fall 2007) will meet over four weekends, Friday evenings and Saturday mornings into early afternoon. Here are the dates:

September 28, 29
October 12, 13
November 2, 3
November 16,17

All students are strongly encouraged to attend all class sessions. Each session will contain some lecture, some student presentations and some group discussion. In an intensive course like this if you miss a weekend, it is as if you have missed four weeks of classes! I promise not to waste your time if you promise not to ask, "Will this be on the test?" You will have weekly responsibilities for participating in the sessions. In particular, the reading assignments must be done ahead of time in order to receive the maximum benefit from the lectures and discussion.

The time we spend together will be crucial for building relationships and for grappling with tough theological questions. I look forward to spending some good quality time with you.

grace and peace,

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Elda said...

You write very well.