Monday, July 9, 2007

Capes' Rediscovering Paul

 I co-authored with two colleagues, E. R. Richards and Rodney Reeves, Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology. The book is published by InterVarsity Press. 

See the review below by Craig Blomberg:
"Several good textbooks cover the background, life, letters and theology of Paul at a seminary or graduate-school level, which some advanced college students can handle. But nothing currently in print accomplishes all of these tasks well, with the representative undergraduate as its primary target audience, at least not from an evangelical perspective. Capes, Reeves and Richards now admirably fill this gap, not only with excellent, readable content but also user-friendly sidebars explaining the significance for modern life of numerous ancient events and customs. At the same time, they teach us to think more like members of Paul's first-century Mediterranean audiences to interpret Paul's writings more accurately. A rare gift to both the church and to academia!"
—Craig L. Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament, Denver Seminary

In our textbook we refer often to the very useful Dictionary of Paul and His Letters, ed. G. Hawthorne, R. P. Martin, Dan Reid (InterVarsity, 1993). I recommend this as a good source for understanding the apostle. World class scholars have contributed over 200 entries that will help you know the current state of Pauline studies. In fact, I think it wise to use this dictionary as a starting place for most of your research. It will provide you with both primary and secondary resources for studying Paul as well are concise descriptions of the various topics. That's one reason why I selected DPL as a required text for the course. I have selected a number of articles from DPL that we will read together.


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John said...

This is a required text for my NT course at Southwestern in the spring. I'm looking forward to it.